Sunday, August 8, 2010


The 7.3 mile hike to Cloud's Rest (9,930 ft) offers the best view in Yosemite.

The scramble over granite slabs at the summit didn't help to stabilize my already shaky legs as I took a knee.

Stunning Panoramic Views

I'm not sure what made me dizzier the sheer vertical cliffs or Heather saying yes!

We stopped for a swim at Sunrise Lakes on the way down.
An inspiring hike and ensuing engagement made this day unforgettable.


  1. Congratulations! Super excited for you both and can't wait to see you again soon (I hope!). <3 Kate

  2. Outstanding! You guys make a great pair (Oh no Heather you will have to wear shoes!!!) The Dallimonti's

  3. My heart is so full of joy seeing the beautiful pictures of your life together. I am blessed to be a part of your special and happiness to you both xoxo